Lesson: 2.Charts in Excel 2016 (Solution) 

1. (a) Chart

(b) Title Bar

(c) Data

(d) Line

(e) Area


2. (a) False

(b) False

(c) True

(d) True

(e) False


3. (a) Chart

(b) Guidelines

(c) Legend

(d) Column

(e) Pie


4. (a) Area Chart– Quantitative magnitude of area.

(b) Pie Chart– Sector showing relative size of each


(c) XY Scatter Plot Chart–Correlation between two sets

    of values

(d) Line Chart– Trends over a period of time


5. Short answer type questions:

(a)   A chart is an effective way to display data in a pictorial form.

(b)   Legend is a key which shows the meanings of symbols and colours used in the chart.

(c)   The bar chart is a type of chart that displays the data in the form of long rectangular rods.

(d)   Area chart is a type of chart that is used to display the quantitative magnitude of the data graphically.


6. Long answer type questions:

Line chart is used to show trends over a period of time. It is similar to plotting a graph on a graph paper with its values on X and Y axis.

Scatter charts are also known as XY scatter plot charts. They show the correlations between the two sets of values.

(b)   There are five components charts:

·        Chart Title– It describes the main aim and content of chart.

·        Plot Area– It is the vertical axis of the chart.

·        Chart Area– It includes all the objects and elements of a chart.

·        X-axis– it is the horizontal axis of the chart.

·        Y-axis– It is the vertical axis of the chart.

(c)   Steps to change the chart type are given below:

Step 1: Select the chart.

Step 2: Click on the change Chart Type command.

Step 3: Click on line from the left panel of the

        Change chart Type dialog box.

Step 4: Click on Line with Markers option from the

        right panel under Ling group.

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