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Who we are?

We are firm believers in the power of gaining knowledge, learning and development the power of sharing. As we continue to evolve we endeavor to help our community with the same integrity and passion. Our focus is to improve the way our contents are published and distributed. Our goal is to become even more efficient and user friendly for our ever growing community of learning members and partners.

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The Blog provides information and advice for students, parents, and teachers to tackle their biggest challenges in education. Our veteran teachers and other experts share creative solutions to help you build confidence, save time, and improve your academic skills

I am Swastik Kumar. My goal in life is to always love what I am doing. This includes my works and my past times. I have done Master of Arts in English Literature. I am excited to begin my career in the field of public relation. I am discovering living and learning as a young, adult and where I want my professional career to take me. My desire to teach has come from my experience. I am still working towards a major in Education. I look forward to bringing this into my classroom in  the future. 

Being raised in the 21st century, I am also interested in technology since my childhood. I am also fascinated that how a small piece of equipment is so quick and helpful. I scoured the web reaching more about how it works. I hope it can help me as an advantage to use in wide variety of careers in future.